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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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pla [ applause ] >> coming up on c-span3 the western conservative summit from colorado christian university and then the ceremony from this
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year's polk in ves ti gaytive journalism awards. >> on book tv and american history tv. and next month look for the history and literary culture of our next stop. wednesday morning on c-span men's health magazine editor peter moore writes that data is being uno knowingly collected n millions of americans.knowingly
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millions of americans. colorado christian university recently hosted it's summit. they talked about the economy, the national debt and the president's health care law. this is yujust over two and a hf hours. >> they never paid any attention when i gaveled in the state senate either. sit it is a familiar feeling. good morning may i have your attention please those of you who have been with us 2010-2011
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know that just because the program is out doesn't mean that we stop trying to add special guests so this becomes the best conference you will attend all year. we had a special guest for you this evening. and as president obama visited colorado yesterday, we urged him to extend his stay and come to the western conservative summit and give an accounting of himself before aury jury of his peers. we received word that he


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